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Mountain biking Tour in Nepal

  • Duration:1 Days
  • Destination:Nepal
  • Trip Grade:Easy

Mountain biking tour in Nepal is one of the best ways to explore the country's diversity, its natural beauty, diverse and fine arts and architecture, enjoy with traditional dishes and delicacies and equally explore the rural lifestyles and more. [Mountain biking Tour in Nepal]

Mountain biking tour in Nepal is one of the best ways to explore the country. The mountain biking trip does not merely offer you the joy with the hill trails and rough roads radiating in all directions but an exciting trip to explore the country's natural beauty, rugged and crisscross roads, valley, terraced fields, rice paddies, rivers, lush jungles and no doubt to explore the diverse flora and fauna.

There are number of tracks out there in the crisscross valleys, hills and including in the mountain region in Nepal making you possible for having mountain biking. Let's take an example of Kathmandu valley alone, it offers some of Nepal’s best mountain biking. You will have best outlooks of mighty Himalaya, from Mt. Dhaulagiri in the west to Mt. Everest in the east. You will equally paddle around the valley and explore the historic palaces and temples that were built in the ancient days and rebuilt time and again with same shape and designs and no doubt the amazing arts and architecture, the diverse culture that were developed and refined. Exploration of all these are possible only through mountain biking, there are ample of mountain biking trails and single track that are connected with the abundance of temples, monasteries and palaces making this both an exhilarating and fascinating place to cycle. This is undoubtedly a fun as well as challenging trip, suitable for those with off road biking experience and no doubt there are some other trails best suits for those who knows the techniques and who has experience of long climbs and long paddle.

There are ample of such spots within and outside of Kathmandu valley. The trip may start right from the Kathmandu valley; the trail takes you ups and downs of the valley and leads you to the far flung settlements with great views along the way. The trail also takes you through lush green and mountains offering you the great views of the mountains from the distance, where you will explore around the terraced hillsides, waterfalls, and better views of mountains that loom large in the background. Similarly, when you stroll around the settlements, you will encounter with ever-smiling people who greet you and welcome you which make you feel you are round your town.

If you are willing to have long tour in bike, then there are also the tracks, for instance, you can have biking from Kathmandu to all the way to Tibet, whereas, the popular destinations for biking in the valley for biking are Bhaktapur, Sankhu, Budanilkantha and Nagarkot. Pokhara is another fascinating place for bike rides with its incredible natural beauty. Each year there are Mountain Biking Championship is held in Kathmandu and Pokhara in which many tourists also take part.

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