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Tours in Nepal

Tour in Nepal is one of the ways to explore its wonders, ancient arts and architect, diverse culture, cultural and religious heritages, blend of rituals and more.

Having wonders at every nook and corner, Nepal is paradise for world travelers, and therefore why Nepal has been one of the ultimate destinations for having tour. Diverse natural landscapes, blend of culture, varied language, beautiful art and architecture, all these offer you remarkable opportunity to roam around, take snaps, explore, and take part in them.

Nepal is home to a host of distinctive ethnic groups. According to the recent census, there are as many as 125 caste and ethnic groups, which speak 123 languages. They live from ancient cities like Kathmandu, Patan, Lalitpur etc. erupting with pagoda-roofed Hindu, Buddhists, Kirat shrines, and beautiful settlements in the remote villages perched on hills and terraced farm-lands, clustered around tiny monasteries, temples, beautiful homes. The tour is only the way to enjoy with and explore those blends of culture and religion.

Either you stroll around Kathmandu valley, or serene remote village, you will feel peace and serenity, overwhelmed with the diverse flora and fauna, wonder as you have amazing mountain vistas, astonishing arts and architecture, besieged with the warm hospitality, innocent smiles. Nepal has plenty of things from ancient arts and architecture, to the hosts of cultural, lingual, social, and natural diversities to enjoy with and explore them.

Nepal is home to a number of historical monuments, religious pilgrimages, cultural heritages, wonderful spots for having sunrise and sunset views, hill stations for having mountain vistas, wonderful jungles full of flora and fauna, offering you wonderful opportunity for taking snaps, jungle safaris, the tour package is only the way to explore aforesaid and enjoy with varied cultures, religions, diverse ethnic and caste groups, their culture, lifestyles, to enjoy with their warm and serene hospitality, wonderful rituals and more. Adventure Gaurishankar Trek and Expedition Pvt. Ltd is one of the authorized trekking and travel agency in Nepal and has developed a number of tour packages in order to help travelers coming to Nepal to enjoy these aforesaid wonders of Nepal. Take an example of Kathmandu, which homes to over 7-world heritage sites, hosts of temples, monasteries, serene and tranquil spots, these you can explore only through strolling around or having tour around.

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