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Nepal lies between Asia's two largest country china and India. Nepal is known by land of Everest. Nepal is famous in the world for its natural beauty & visual verities with the altitude from 70 m above the sea level to the south and about 8848m height of the Mt. Everest in north of Nepal. Destination of infinite charm and diversity. For the adventurous of spirit, there could no better place on earth. Nepal is small country but the perfect destination for trekking and expedition, rafting and for holyday. It is one of the most incredible countries and home of 23.1 million Nepalese. Their language & customs' as diverse as the terrain and climate itself. It borders with Tibet autonomous region of the People's Republic of China in the North and India in the south, east and west.

Nepal is landlocked country. 
Area: 147,181Sq KM
Longitude: 80° 4' and 88°12' East
Capital: Kathmandu 
Population: 30 million (approx)

Nepal standard time is 5 hrs 45 minutes ahead of GMT & 15 minutes ahead of Indian standard time.

Entry point 

By Air: Tribhuwan International Airport Kathmandu is links it with India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Bangladesh Bangkok, Singapore, Dubai, Hongkong , Paris, Osaka and Lhasa.

By land: by road there are 15 entry points, the major ones being Birgunj, Sunauli, Kakarbhitta, Nepalgunj and Kodari from Tibet (China)

Nepal is multi- religious country in the world. Here are more than 103 ethnic groups with their own religious culture, language and life style. In Nepal two maim religion Hinduism 90% and Buddhism6 %, Islam 3% and the rest 1%.

There are more than 30 language and dialects and as many distinct ethnic groups. Nepali is official language & English is understood and spoken by major city and Kathmandu Valley.

It is advice to bring along warm clothing while traveling from November to February and tropical wear from March to October. Or you can buy cloth in Thamel and also you can hire sleeping bags and down jackets.

No international certificates of vaccination regarding current inoculation against Cholera, Typhoid or Yellow fever are required.

All the visitors are required to enter Nepal, except Indian. However to process identification papers from government authority.

A valid passport and visa is required to enter Nepal except Indian nationals. Indian must, however to process identification papers from government authority. Visitors from SAARC countries and China do not have to pay any visa fee. Chinese travelers can get visa on arrival at entry point. Children under 10 yrs are not charged for a visa.

Visa fee

Multiple entries : US Dollar $25 or equivalent per person for 15day
Multiple entries : US Dollar $40 equivalent per person for 30days
Multiple entries : US Dollar $100 equivalent per person for 100days

Customs formalities

All baggage must be declared and cleared through the customs on arrival at the entry. Personal effects are permitted free entry. A tourist may bring in dutiable goods, such as tobacco and liquor with in prescribed quantity free of duty. Carrying narcotics, arm and ammunitions are strictly prohibited. The expert antiques requires specials certificate from the Department of Archeology

Currency Regulation 
Import of Indian currency by foreigners other than Indian national is strictly prohibited. All visitors should obtain a receipt for all currency exchange. The same should be handed over at the airport the departure and generally 10% of the amount exchange can be reconverted from Nepalese Rupees in to Dollars.

Local Currency 
Nepali Rupee (Rs) is the local currency and divided in to paisa and. the denomination of currency note are available are in 1,2,5,10,20,50,100,500 and 1000 and coins in 50 paisa ,1,2,5 rupee currently in use.

Trekking season
Nepal can be visited the whole year around but the best season for trekking are spring (March to May) and autumn (September to November), summer (June to August) season also good for Mustang treks and winter can be also good for low land trek

Trekking Permit
The department of Immigration located at Maitighar (near Mandala). Issues restricted area's permit for visitors. Trekking permit fee are different trekking area are fixed as follows.

Trekking Area

Trekking Area

Trekking permit fee

Annapurna , Dhaulagiri & Manasalu Conservation Area & Gauri Shankar Conservation

Rs. 2000. per person for o trek

Everest ,Langtang & Makalu Area

Rs 3000. per person for trek

Kanchenjunga Conservation Area

Rs 2000. per person for trek

Trekking Area (restricted Area)

Trekking Restricted Area

Trek permit fee in US Dollar

Nar Phu & Manasalu & Lower Dolpa

US Dollar $90 Autumn a

Upper Mustang & Upper Dolpa

US Dollar $500 for 10 days extra $50 for per day overstay


US Dollar $10

Note: Trekking to Nar Phu, Mustang, Manasalu & Dhaulagiri can be an undertaken through registered trekking agencies only. There are several Govt. registered trekking agencies in Nepal to conduct such trekking program.

Trekking Equipments List for Nepal Trek

Avtive Himalaya Adventure has listed here all the necessary equipments which are most important for every trekker. The given list of personal gear you can buy as per your need to make your trekking holiday more comfortable. There are also in list categorized different importance of concerning trekkers need to provide easy way to buy before heading for journey.

Trekking Equipment
Water proof hiking boot
Jackets for warmth, wind, rain
Sleeping bag, Walking pole, Back pack with rain cover
Sunglasses (real one with UV protection)
Daypack with rain cover (20 -30 liter) 
Water bottle, sun cream sun hat, lip protection, Camera
First aid kit, Torch light, woolen glove, Trekking Map 
Cash Nepalese currency (on trek, there are no ATM in remote area)

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